The 43rd International Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry

Information for Participants, Chairs and Presenters|参加者・座長・発表者へのお知らせ▷ Update this page

Information for Participants|参加者へ

1 Reception & Cloak|当日受付時間

On-site registration certificate issuing, cloak and other general inquiries are available during the following hours at the venue.

DateOpen Hours
Sept. 27 (Tue)8:30 - 18:20
Sept. 28 (Wed)8:40 - 18:00
Sept. 29 (Thu)8:40 - 16:00

Place of the reception and the cloak|受付場所

100th Anniversary Hall 1st Floor

On-site registration fee|当日参加費



Only payment in Japanese yen in cash is available.

Identification is required for student registration.



2 Exchange Meeting, Sept. 28 (Wed), 19:00 – 21:00|交流会

Sep.28 (Wed) 19:00-21:00 at Kumamoto Hotel Castle (Castle Hall, 2F)

Address: 4-2 Jyoto-machi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-8565, Japan
(See MAP below for the location)

*Reserved buses can take you to Kumamoto Hotel Castle after the briefing on the new society.

*Application on-site is available for 5,000JPY (Student).




Access to Exchange Meeting Hall: Kumamoto Hotel Castle

3 Awards|賞

ISNAC2016 offers "ISNAC Outstanding Oral Presentation Award for Young Scientist in 2016" and "ISNAC Outstanding Poster Award in 2016"

Awardee's names and affiliations will be announced and commended at the Exchange Meeting (Sep.28)



4 Briefing (in Japanese) on the plan for establishment of our scientific society,
Sept. 28 (Wed), 17:00 – 18:00

The new scientific society (tentative name: Japan Society of Nucleic Acids Chemistry) for the researchers and students engaged in the studies on nucleic acids chemistry at academia and industry is planned to be established in 2017. The meeting of potential members will be held on Sept. 28 (Wed) 17:00-18:00 to share the detailed roadmap for setting up the society. All of the participants of ISNAC2016 from Japan are kindly requested to attend this meeting (not mandatory). The briefing will be provided in Japanese.

核酸化学研究に携わる産学の研究者・学生のための新しい学会(仮称:日本核酸化学会)の立ち上げが計画されています。学会設立(2017年)までのロードマップ等に関する説明会を、口頭発表会場(100周年記念館 ホール)にて28日17時から開催いたします。説明、質疑など、すべて日本語で行われます。ISNAC2016の参加者は是非ご参加ください。

5 Luncheon Seminar, Sept. 28 (Wed), 12:50 – 13:50

The luncheon seminar will be provided by ChemGenes Co. on the lunch break, Sept. 28 (Wed) at 100th Anniversary Hall. All the participants of ISNAC2016 are welcome to attend this seminar. But the number of the complimentary lunchboxes is limited to be 100. You need to have a ticket to get a lunchbox. The tickets will be handed out starting Sept. 27 (Tue) morning at the reception desk on the first-come-first served basis.

口頭発表会場(100周年記念館 ホール)にて28日にChemGenesによるランチョンセミナーが行われます。ISNAC2016のすべての参加者はこのセミナーに参加できますが、お弁当の数(100個)に限りがあります。27日より学会受付にて先着順100名様に整理券を配ります。

Instruction for Chairs|座長へ

1 Stand-by|待機

Chairpersons are requested to be seated at the "next chairs' sheet" located in the right front of the hall no later than 10 min before the start of the presentations.


2 Session Progress|役割

Chairpersons are asked to ensure that all presentations start and finish punctually as scheduled. Staffs will assist with timing. Remaining time will be notified with bell signal as follows.

  • 1ring : Warning - at 1 minutes left to the end of talk
  • 2rings : End of talk - time for discussion
  • 3rings : End of presentation - time for the next speaker


  • 1ベル : 発表残り1分
  • 2ベル : 発表の終了・議論の開始
  • 3ベル : 議論終了・次の発表者の開始

Instruction for Oral Presenters|口頭発表者へ

1 Time Allocation|持ち時間

Invited Lectures : Presentation 35 min. + Discussion 5 min. (Total 40 min.)

Oral Presentations : Presentation 12 min. + Discussion 3 min. (Total 15 min.)

招待講演者:発表35分 + 議論5分(計40分)

口頭発表者:発表12分 + 議論3分(計15分)

2 Presentation Materials|発表方法

Only computer-based PowerPoint presentations (or Keynote for Mac) will be accepted, and no sound output equipment will be available.

PowerPoint(Keynote for Mac)による発表のみが許可されています。 無声でお願いします。

3 Preparation & Laptop Computer|ノートパソコン

Please be sure to bring your own laptop computer. We would kindly ask you to bring your presentation file in USB for back up as well.


Technical requirement for your Laptop Computer|ノートパソコン持参に際して

  • Ensure that your computer is equipped with the proper monitor connector (mini D-sub 15 pin) as shown below. If your computer does not have this connection, please bring an appropriate converter with you.
  • Be sure to bring an AC adaptor. Please note that voltage in Japan is 100 V and the frequency ranges 50-60 Hz depending on the area (60 Hz in Kumamoto).
  • The socket is type A, which has two flat plug holes. If your laptop is not convertible, transformers and/or plug adaptors are necessary.
  • Adjust the settings to prevent activation of the screen saver of power-saving mode.
  • 端子のミニD-sub15ピンのノートパソコンをお持ち下さい(下記図参照)。そうでないパソコンの場合は、変換アダプタをお持ち下さい。
  • ACアダプタをお持ち下さい。
  • スクリーンセーバーをパワーセーブモードに設定の場合は解除して下さい。

4 Timing|時間

In order to maintain the schedule, you are requested to keep time allocation strictly. Remaining time will be notified with bell signal as follows;

  • 1ring : Warning - at 1 minute left to the end of talk
  • 2rings : End of talk - time for discussion
  • 3rings : End of presentation - time for the next speaker


  • 1ベル : 発表残り1分
  • 2ベル : 発表の終了・議論の開始
  • 3ベル : 議論終了・次の発表者の開始

Instruction for Poster Presenters|ポスター発表者へ

1 Poster Presentations|ポスター発表時間

1P-n: Sept. 27 (Tue) 13:50 – 15:20

2P-n: Sept. 28 (Wed) 13:50 – 15:20

  • Presenters should stand next to their poster board to discuss their work with colleagues during the presentation time.
  • All the presentation should be performed in English.
  • 発表者は持ち時間の間、ポスターボードの前で発表をしてください。
  • 発表は英語で行うこと

2 Set-up and removal|準備と片付け

1P-nSept. 27 (Tue)11:3017:00
2P-nSept. 28 (Wed)11:3017:00
  • Please attach the poster to the board using pushpins provided by the committee.
  • Any posters remaining on panels after the removal time will be discarded by the secretariat.
  • ポスターをボードに貼るためのピンは事務局で準備します。
  • 片付け時刻以降に残されたポスターは事務局で適宜処分させていただきます。

3 Poster size|ポスターサイズ

The size of the boards we prepared for poster presentation is 180 cm H x 120 cm W (in portrait format) as shown in the figure on the right.

ポスターボードのサイズは、右図に示す通り、高さ180cm x 横幅120cmです。